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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what Yeezy song?

If this is your first time hearing this
You are about to expericence somethin so cold man
We never had nothing handed took nothin for granted
Took nothing from no man, man I'm my own man
But as a shorty I looked up to the dopeman
Only adult man I knew that wasn't broke man
Flickin starter coats man, man you don't know man
We don't care what people say
This is for my niggas outside all winter
Cuz this summer they ain't finna to say next summer I'm finna
Sittin' in the hood like community colleges
This dope money here is Lil Tre's scholarship
Cause ain't not tuition for having no ambition
And ain't no loans for sittin your ass at home
So we forced to sell crack rap and get a job
You gotta do something man your ass is grown

The second verse is for my dawgs working 9 to 5
That still hustle cause a nigga can't shine off $6.55
And everybody selling make up, Jacob's
And bootleg tapes just to get they cake up
We put shit on lawaway then come back
We claim other people kids on our income tax
We take that money cop work then push packs to get paid
And we don't care what people say
Momma say she wanna move south
Scratching lottery tickets eyes on a new house
Around the same time Doe ran up in dude's house
Couldn't get a job
So since he couldn't get work he figured he take work
The drug game bolemic its hard to get weight
So niggas money is homo its hard to get straight
But we gonna keep baking to the day we get cake
And we don't care what people say

You know the kids gonna act a fool
When you stop the programs for after school
And they DCFS some of them dislexic
They favorite 50 Cent song's 12 Questions
We scream rock, blows, weed park
See now we smart
We ain't retards the way teachers thought
Hold up hold fast we make mo' cash
Now tell my momma I belong in that slow class
Its bad enough we on welfare
You trying to put me on the school bus with the space for the wheel chair
I'm trying to get the car with the chromie wheels here
You trying to cut our lights out like we don't live here
Look at whats handed us fathers abandon us
When we get the hammers gone and call the ambulance
Sometimes I feel no one in this world understands us
But we don't care what people say

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Irish Dee said...

We Don't Care - Kanye West.

You make me wanna hop on YouTube and listen to it. Haha.