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Monday, April 13, 2009

Been GONE for a min

Whats good Kalikreme followers... its the other half of the kreme boiz fam E... ya ya ya ive been outta the loop for a min and left K to handle it all but i was snowed in lol... man its been crazy out here snow every week for the past 3months... snow that was up to my belly button crazy yall... even snowed when it was clear as day outside i mean it had to have been like 45 outside but neways that off topic... But yo check this im back in Cali n little less then a month and me and K lookin for some NEW and i mean NEW friend (no diss to the old ones) we tryna make big moves this summer and have fun so what u sayin chooch lol man get at use thru the Blog, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, BBM... it dont matter... you'll NE NE NE NEVVVVVVVA n ya life meet to ppl like us lol no homo but ya hit me on twitter, BOI

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