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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In The City Of Angels

Short .


Irish Dee said...

These are pretty sick.
I personally like the elephant one, since it's hella detailed.

Anyway, thanks for the info though.
I actually downloaded it earlier while I was at school.
That mixtape is pretty sick.
I already had like 3 of the songs and I added most of them to my Sidekick.
Gotta love Yeezy, right?
So anyway, good looking out!
Thanks and keep up w/ the great blogging! (=

Kevin Ross said...

Thanks for the love Dee it's deeply appreciated.

БОЦЦ said...

wohoo good job :) fresh blog, but the now the turn is your... check my blog and write comment to the newest entry (Photoshoot). Write what you think about it :) bye Kevin