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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now Residing In the I.E. LOL!

After all that shit about me not liking the I.E. I up and moved back! But lets get something straight.. It's not that i don't like this place... it's the friends i got..

I'm talking childhod friends, friends i've known since Jr. High and High School have all became "Shitty Friends" NOt all but some..

Now that i'm back (from santa clarita for those that didn't know) I'm looking for all new friends.. As i sit at home now, i have nothing to do.. I know what i wanna do, but have no one to do it with.. ALL BAD

So if you live in the I.E. or some where round it lets be friends.. FUCK IT WHY NOT!

Tonight i'm getting Buffalo Wild Wings.. I've Been Cravin.. lets see how many friends i can get to go.

I'll keep y'all posted

God Bless

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