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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another NIght

Yet another night in the I.E.
Where can i find a sneaker head, dancing, occasional homebody,drinking,tattooed, down for watever type of chick?
Cause i tell you what! there not anywhere round where i stay. LAME!

Nothin every pops here no more.. HAHA scratch that.. like anything every did pop, crack, whatever you wanna call it here. it's always been a lame ass drive thru city.. *sigh*

There is one thing that's positive.
The lakers kept there streak going. Shit that's always good to hear for a sports junkie.

Also a lil insight Boredom x Tiredness x Latenites x Jackass= Nothing good

BE Easy People



E Dot DizZy said...

Damn son!
Sorry bout that.. Ha. Sure some shit a crack

♪ ♪ Fř£Sh pŘîNÇëSš™ said...

lol u really hate the ie huh smh

y0ung_runway said...

You pretty much just described me, crazy. Anyways...thanks for being my newest follower. =)