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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Before I retire..

I'd like to shout out all the females bloggers! Keep doin ya thing ladies.

i'm giving a shout out to the ladies because (ima just speak for myself) when it comes to meeting a lady and getting to know the real her, it tends to be difficult due to barriers, road blocks and detours. Reading some of the blogs.. i wanna believe its a look at their personality, seeing what they like n dislike. idk that's just how i feel bout it.. i'm not that good at writing exactly what i want to say but i'm pretty sure you get the picture. YESH?

honestly, when you sit and think about it.. theres not that much to do when you get on the computer.. Bloggin opens a whole new highway, Self Expression at it's finest.. well maybe that's just for me..

if you haven't already go and check some blogs

lemme guide you in the right direction.


chavita!!! said...

oh no!!! where yu going lol :)

tysofly said...

=) thank you for putting my link up here hun!!!! perciate it!!

JAYFENDii said...

aw thanks for putting my link up there. i just noticed it. hehe. much appreciated! thanks again..

Pretty Tira said...

Oh noooo!! Where u going?! Thanks 4 shouting me out i soooo appreciate it! b4 u leave make sure u add me on myspace ( thanks! =]

Qu33n Kam... said...

oh no u cant go! I love ur blog! && thank u 4 enjoyin my blog!means alot!!