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Monday, September 8, 2008

Standing Still

What up wit it?

As most of my people know I just moved out to Santa Clarita due to some ummmm.. problems. It kinda sucks but it's good at the same time. Back in the I.E. where i'm from it's like being stuckin the twilight zone so to speak, it was hard to be productive. Or so i thought. An now being away from it all, it's no better out here. i don't know anyone don't know where shit is. can't be like "ima go kick over the homies house"
But i do believe it was for the better and i'm just gonna do what i gotta do to get this business off the ground. I need a lotta help with that tho. And support, so if your reading this and your down to help support or do whatever it is that you wanna do towards helping then... idk. But i wanna thank you already.

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L said...

Everywhere you go there's going to be BS. Yea over here it got boring and lame and complicated, but it shows what kind of person you are when you can make the best out of it! I know i know you hate when i talk nonsense lol... but sometimes if you just hear what people have to say then in some way they can be a shoulder to lean on... even more than that!! A major contribution to your life! Well hopefully everything works out for you! You'll make it, but once you start getting your life straightened out first! God is with everyone all you have to do is pray, he will reward you but not by just asking him for things you need but praying to him and thanking him for putting you here!... GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS!!!