The lake Show


Monday, September 1, 2008

2nd Half of da Fam

Yo Yo Yo Yo...wuddup world its the 2nd half of the kalikreme takeover ya boi E. Right now im stuck up in ND at school but its all gud my fam K holdn me down in Kali while I get da business degree but neways like fam stated we are NEW and finna b the hottest thing poppin since pop-tarts but onli wit ya help we PRECIATE yall for coming and read up on us...we ask that yall keep doin so and support us when are line drops. But if your wondering what is KaliKreme is we view it as Kali is the kreme of the crop like out of everywhere in the world there well never ever be an nigga or female that has more style more swag then a Kali baby (socal or norcal)...So welcome to are dream....are life....KaliKreme....ENJOY

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