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Thursday, October 2, 2008

simply salty: light spice with no fuck ups.

Dear Kalikreme followers,

I'm Tiffany, one of Kev's friends. He seemed to enjoy my blog: and has asked be to do a celebrity post on KaliKreme. This is just one of my most recent posts, but I hope you all enjoy:
Title: Property of ________.

At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Keep that in mind.

As human beings, we find different ways in life to give our lives purpose. We give back, stay active, and join organizations, jobs, and clubs to keep ourselves well-rounded people. In that process, it is key to know and understand that Being a person connotates having values, beliefs, and a sense of personal perspective on Everything. And of course, sometimes the processes of life doesn't always hand us our dream job and picture perfect club to belong to. There will be times, however, wherein we do things "just for the mortgage" (Thank You for Smoking) without any other incentive than that. Considering that, we must be careful and sensitive to the fact that sometimes when life shifts, we lose ourselves. So no matter where you go, who you associate yourselves with, or what you end up doing in long run of life, we must stay true to who we really are. And it is understandable, that we are always on the journey to find out exactly who we are, but we all have a foundation, base, character, and personality that should always stay with us no matter what. My purpose isn't to downplay any groups of friends, pretigious non-profit organizations, or high paying executive jobs, it is to remind everyone to still be people: to have feelings, be vulnerable, be unsure, but to be whoever we are minus the titles, minus the popular posse, and minus the wealth. We're made to be different, and it IS our job to interact with the universe and participate in its activities, but never give yourself away to something that requires you to change, to be tweaked, or to live in a different skin. We change for ourselves and ourselves only ...because we belong to us.

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